Monday, February 28, 2011


I love watching this guy! He is so funny and I pretty much watch him every night. Puts me in a much better mood before bed than watching the news.
Well I'm about to head off to sleep but before I go, I have my update on my project! I really wasn't able to work on it much last week but I've been working on it over the weekend! I was able to find one of my mistakes and I hopefully corrected it, or else I'm going to be delayed even more. I was able to get some major scrapbooking done! I am now up to St. Patty's day of last year, so now less than a year behind!!

Well we had an awesome weekend!! The weather was beautiful and we were able to play outside most of the weekend, Hunter LOVES playing outside, screams when we have to come inside unless he decides to come in to eat. But lucky for him it was beautiful all weekend and is supposed to continue to be wonderful outside during the week!

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