Thursday, February 24, 2011

Well so far, no news on the job front. But I did talk to a friend that I have that works at the hospital so hopefully I'll hear something.

I know I haven't posted a new picture of my new project, but I haven't really had the time to work on it since last week. This week I have been playing in my scrapbook room a whole lot! I've been trying to play catch up, I'm now only 1 year behind in Hunter's album/our 2010 album. I finally found an album that I really like, but when I started trying to fill it up, I found the pages I have and the expanders I have won't work with it. So I'm trying to find where I can find extra pages and expanders. If I can't find them or they're too expensive to have them shipped I'll have to take the album back and start again! I'd love to be able to keep the album, I just love it!

I also really need to find a place out in the open where I can display my albums. Right now they're in my bedroom between the wall and the nightstand. Something to think about! I'll be doing more during nap time and when Hunter goes to sleep tonight. And if I don't work tomorrow then I'll be in my room most of the day!

But if I am working tomorrow, then I'll have to clean the carpets tonight too! I just got my new carpet cleaner yesterday! I can't wait to use it, my carpets are in pretty bad shape! So at least I'll know that my carpets are clean after I finish!

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