Friday, February 18, 2011

Me vs House

Well its been a few days and I have totally been winning my war with the house. I've had a few setbacks, like a major headache yesterday. But I've totally made headway!!! Our friend came over today and now we have a garage again!! We are going to have to wait until April to really have it back, that's the next heavy trash pick up for us. But its amazing, I'm actually going to be able to put things out there and know where they are. I can walk out there without worrying about what I'm stepping on. So tomorrow morning I'm going to finish the second bedroom and have things where they should be!

Also today, thanks to my awesome dad, my TV is now mounted on the wall! We went out this morning and went to Fry's. Got a wall mount for the TV, which is done, and speaker mounts for the surround sound. The wires are all run through the attic for the speakers but we'll mount them up another day. I'm no longer going to have to get little fingerprints off the bottom of my TV! Hunter was just amazed when I brought him home from school and he realized that he couldn't touch his TV anymore. But as long as Elmo came on he was happy!

I've been working on my project and just found out that somewhere along the way this week I've totally screwed up the count somewhere, and now I just have to find out where. This totally pisses me off but instead of just throwing it down and walking away from it I'm just slowly working my way in and trying to find out where the problem is. This is going to mean a few things: 1. there's going to be a lot of ripping out threads 2. my progress is going to be minimal this week and 3. I may have to start trying to match up certain colors that I got in the kit and trying to find a match in either the threads that I already have or from the store.

Oh, and I just got a new book for my Kindle that I just borrowed! So far, so good. I didn't get to read any last night due to my mind splitting headache. But hopefully I'll get some read tonight and this weekend!

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