Sunday, November 6, 2011

Well I've been saying that I recently got into digital scrapbooking and its super easy and so great! Its helped me so much to catch up! I went from being 1 1/2 years behind to just being little over 6 months behind in just a few months. And I would probably be totally up to date if I wasn't spending some of my free time at my sewing table.
The software that I've been using is Making Memories and if you are interested in trying it out I highly recommend it! I have a great coupon that will give you $10 off the software and an additional $10 to spend in the store!
Just use that when you check out and you'll be getting not only a discount on a wonderful software program but a little spending money to check out all the different digital kits they have to offer in the store. The really great thing about digital kits and packs is that it can be reused over and over again. Unlike my favorite papers in regular scrapbooking where once its used its gone forever (unless you buy a few of the pages), you can use the papers, elements and monograms available as many times as you'd like!