Monday, February 28, 2011


I love watching this guy! He is so funny and I pretty much watch him every night. Puts me in a much better mood before bed than watching the news.
Well I'm about to head off to sleep but before I go, I have my update on my project! I really wasn't able to work on it much last week but I've been working on it over the weekend! I was able to find one of my mistakes and I hopefully corrected it, or else I'm going to be delayed even more. I was able to get some major scrapbooking done! I am now up to St. Patty's day of last year, so now less than a year behind!!

Well we had an awesome weekend!! The weather was beautiful and we were able to play outside most of the weekend, Hunter LOVES playing outside, screams when we have to come inside unless he decides to come in to eat. But lucky for him it was beautiful all weekend and is supposed to continue to be wonderful outside during the week!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Well so far, no news on the job front. But I did talk to a friend that I have that works at the hospital so hopefully I'll hear something.

I know I haven't posted a new picture of my new project, but I haven't really had the time to work on it since last week. This week I have been playing in my scrapbook room a whole lot! I've been trying to play catch up, I'm now only 1 year behind in Hunter's album/our 2010 album. I finally found an album that I really like, but when I started trying to fill it up, I found the pages I have and the expanders I have won't work with it. So I'm trying to find where I can find extra pages and expanders. If I can't find them or they're too expensive to have them shipped I'll have to take the album back and start again! I'd love to be able to keep the album, I just love it!

I also really need to find a place out in the open where I can display my albums. Right now they're in my bedroom between the wall and the nightstand. Something to think about! I'll be doing more during nap time and when Hunter goes to sleep tonight. And if I don't work tomorrow then I'll be in my room most of the day!

But if I am working tomorrow, then I'll have to clean the carpets tonight too! I just got my new carpet cleaner yesterday! I can't wait to use it, my carpets are in pretty bad shape! So at least I'll know that my carpets are clean after I finish!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I win!

Well with a little help from some friends, the house lost the battle (except for my room). Even the garage is cleaned out! But the house is perfect and to top it all off I'll be getting a steam cleaner on Wednesday so I'm super excited! Our carpets have seen better days and that will soon be fixed!!

I haven't gotten any work done on my project yesterday or today but we had company and that took priority! We had so much fun, my hubby's brother came in with his wife and their 2 boys. Hunter had so much fun playing with his cousins and is totally wiped out, its going to be hard waking him up for school tomorrow!

Also went out and totally splurged and got Hunter almost a total new wardrobe. I noticed he had no shorts that fit him and just a handful of short sleeve shirts. So that had to be fixed ASAP. And now he has tons of new shirts, 2 shorts, and a pair of denim overalls that are also shorts. I love getting him new clothes, its now even more exciting and fun getting clothes for him than it is for myself.

I also just applied for a new job. This is a full time job, I'm not really sure about it but we'll see. If they call me I'll have to go in and talk to them, not too sure about doing call or working weekends. But this would bring in more money and be a lot more stable. We'd be able to do more but I would really miss my time with my baby. This really will require a lot of thought and prayers on our part, but I'm not going to think about it too much unless I get called.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Me vs House

Well its been a few days and I have totally been winning my war with the house. I've had a few setbacks, like a major headache yesterday. But I've totally made headway!!! Our friend came over today and now we have a garage again!! We are going to have to wait until April to really have it back, that's the next heavy trash pick up for us. But its amazing, I'm actually going to be able to put things out there and know where they are. I can walk out there without worrying about what I'm stepping on. So tomorrow morning I'm going to finish the second bedroom and have things where they should be!

Also today, thanks to my awesome dad, my TV is now mounted on the wall! We went out this morning and went to Fry's. Got a wall mount for the TV, which is done, and speaker mounts for the surround sound. The wires are all run through the attic for the speakers but we'll mount them up another day. I'm no longer going to have to get little fingerprints off the bottom of my TV! Hunter was just amazed when I brought him home from school and he realized that he couldn't touch his TV anymore. But as long as Elmo came on he was happy!

I've been working on my project and just found out that somewhere along the way this week I've totally screwed up the count somewhere, and now I just have to find out where. This totally pisses me off but instead of just throwing it down and walking away from it I'm just slowly working my way in and trying to find out where the problem is. This is going to mean a few things: 1. there's going to be a lot of ripping out threads 2. my progress is going to be minimal this week and 3. I may have to start trying to match up certain colors that I got in the kit and trying to find a match in either the threads that I already have or from the store.

Oh, and I just got a new book for my Kindle that I just borrowed! So far, so good. I didn't get to read any last night due to my mind splitting headache. But hopefully I'll get some read tonight and this weekend!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mental preperation

Tomorrow I will drop my little man off at day care, which he loves. Then I am coming straight back home and declaring war on my house! We have houseguests coming in this weekend and I need to finish the second bedroom so they actually have a place to sleep :) I should start doing it now, when Hunter's sleeping, but I like to blast music really really loud and tend to make a lot of noise. So tonight is getting some rest, watching some TV, stitching and making a plan of attack in my head. I have a feeling Red Bull and coffee will be needed! Let's home I win!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

This past weekend was a productive and great weekend. Everyone was happy and the weather was beautiful!! The nice weather was a very welcome change from all the freezing temperatures we've had the past few weeks. We played outside most of the day on Sunday.
I also got some work done, I finished four pages in my 2010 scrapbook and am now only 1 year and 1 day behind. One of these days I may catch up, but I doubt it! But I'll have fun trying!!

Today I spent Valentine's Day with my favorite little man! We had lots of fun playing outside and then I was surprised when there was a knock on the door and I had flowers from my 2 men! Beautiful flowers and chocolates!

I also have been working away on my current cross-stitch project and as its Monday night, I'll share with you my progress. I feel awesome about the progress and am now starting to think that I may even get this finished before Christmas, but we'll see what the rest of the year brings!

Tonight I continue working on it and watching a great movie, "Casablanca". I love old black & white movies, one of my weaknesses. I've been recording ones that I haven't seen before when I catch them on TCM so I can watch when I can't sleep. Just saw "Streetcar Named Desire" and liked that one too, just not what I was really expecting although I really don't know what I was thinking it was. I didn't know it was going to be as dark as it was. I have one on the DVR, "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?" but I was told because I'm such a baby about scary movies that I shouldn't watch it until hubby comes home for at least a week so I can get over it. So I look forward to when I'll be able to watch! If anyone has any other great old movies they love please share! I always love to discover new favorites, and revisit old favorites!

Monday, February 7, 2011


I got off work early today and after my one stop that I had to make for my side business I came straight home. My little one was still at day care, I wasn't about to mess up nap time! I cleaned up my kitchen from yesterday's Superbowl pot roast. I even made myself some lunch as I started doing laundry. My dog tends to 'leak' when he's sleeping and it happened a little last night so as not to wake my husband up I just went and slept on the couch. This probably explains why I'm so super tired! Going to sleep around 11:30pm then hearing DH wake up and start getting ready at 4am. He left the house at 4:30-4:45am and my alarm went off at 5:15am.
But it was a great day, got a few hours at work and once I had my baby we had so much fun!!! We went out and played in the backyard for a while, which he loves!!! He rode around on his little motorized car from one end of the yard to the other at least 4 times! Then just got off again and started walking around following his puppy. Then came inside and was just a super cheesy little boy until it was really close to bedtime. Once he got put in the crib he fought it for about 5 seconds and just crashed! My little boy played hard today and now he's dreaming away, so peaceful.
And as much as I want to continue working on my current project, I'm just far too tired! Tomorrow during naptime I'll tackle some of it!! But this is a picture that was taken last night, this is my first full week back working on this! I'll post another picture next Sunday to see just how much I can get done in a week!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Not one for big parties, we just had one friend over for the big game (and he left right after halftime). This is not a real bad thing, hubby just installed some magnets to fix the door in the hallway so it'll stay shut and hopefully make it a little harder for baby boy to get into it! And DH is now getting his things ready to head back on the road again tomorrow. He's been going out of town so much the suitcase doesn't even make it into the bedroom, let alone get all unpacked. Just enough to get the dirty clothes out and washed, then right back in. It's hard to say good-bye to him every Monday, even harder that the good byes come at 4am, but I am very grateful that he has a good job!
Little boy is sleeping away, he was so upset about the fact that bedtime came that he threw all of his stuffed animals out of his crib. This makes no sense to me because this really just hurts him, nothing to play or talk to. But he didn't fight too long, and is now sleeping all crazy hanging onto his blanket!
And I'm working on my next project, a huge cross-stitch Christmas project. I just finished one this week. My new unofficial New Year's resolution is to finish the projects that I have started. I have almost 12 different cross-stitch projects that have been started but have just gone into a bag and forgotten about. Well hopefully that's going to all change! I'm planning on taking a picture of the current project once a week so I can see just how much work I've been able to get accomplished each week.