Sunday, February 6, 2011


Not one for big parties, we just had one friend over for the big game (and he left right after halftime). This is not a real bad thing, hubby just installed some magnets to fix the door in the hallway so it'll stay shut and hopefully make it a little harder for baby boy to get into it! And DH is now getting his things ready to head back on the road again tomorrow. He's been going out of town so much the suitcase doesn't even make it into the bedroom, let alone get all unpacked. Just enough to get the dirty clothes out and washed, then right back in. It's hard to say good-bye to him every Monday, even harder that the good byes come at 4am, but I am very grateful that he has a good job!
Little boy is sleeping away, he was so upset about the fact that bedtime came that he threw all of his stuffed animals out of his crib. This makes no sense to me because this really just hurts him, nothing to play or talk to. But he didn't fight too long, and is now sleeping all crazy hanging onto his blanket!
And I'm working on my next project, a huge cross-stitch Christmas project. I just finished one this week. My new unofficial New Year's resolution is to finish the projects that I have started. I have almost 12 different cross-stitch projects that have been started but have just gone into a bag and forgotten about. Well hopefully that's going to all change! I'm planning on taking a picture of the current project once a week so I can see just how much work I've been able to get accomplished each week.

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