Sunday, February 20, 2011

I win!

Well with a little help from some friends, the house lost the battle (except for my room). Even the garage is cleaned out! But the house is perfect and to top it all off I'll be getting a steam cleaner on Wednesday so I'm super excited! Our carpets have seen better days and that will soon be fixed!!

I haven't gotten any work done on my project yesterday or today but we had company and that took priority! We had so much fun, my hubby's brother came in with his wife and their 2 boys. Hunter had so much fun playing with his cousins and is totally wiped out, its going to be hard waking him up for school tomorrow!

Also went out and totally splurged and got Hunter almost a total new wardrobe. I noticed he had no shorts that fit him and just a handful of short sleeve shirts. So that had to be fixed ASAP. And now he has tons of new shirts, 2 shorts, and a pair of denim overalls that are also shorts. I love getting him new clothes, its now even more exciting and fun getting clothes for him than it is for myself.

I also just applied for a new job. This is a full time job, I'm not really sure about it but we'll see. If they call me I'll have to go in and talk to them, not too sure about doing call or working weekends. But this would bring in more money and be a lot more stable. We'd be able to do more but I would really miss my time with my baby. This really will require a lot of thought and prayers on our part, but I'm not going to think about it too much unless I get called.

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