Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Well unfortunately I haven't been sewing as much as I'd like, almost not at all :(.  But hopefully that will change this weekend, we'll see if the hubby will let me have some time.  I have been digi scrapping here and there when I can and am now up to June of last year for the 2011 book.  But seeing how much I've been using my awesome new camera it'll take me a while to get caught up on this year!
Hubby got his great new gift for Father's Day, a really big tent!  I definitely do NOT camp, but he loves it.  He's been wanting to take the little one camping but I thought it would be a good idea to test it out a few times by 'camping' in the backyard to get him used to the idea.  I think I'm pretty brilliant that way, and he agreed.  Last weekend was rainy and nasty all weekend so he wasn't able to try it out but I think it will be tested out this weekend, and that's when I'm hoping to get some crafting done :)  See, his Father's Day gift works for everyone!
Some big changes are happening in August, I am going to be going full time at work.  Something I never really thought I would do, but I will stop going back and forth between days and nights!  That's been pretty hard on me and everyone. I will be working the night shift and I couldn't be happier.  The hardest part of this will be adjusting myself and Hunter to my new schedule (hopefully I'll get a peak at it tomorrow) because I am pulling his little butt out of daycare.  Some people are behind us with this decision and others think I've gone completely out of my mind.  My thinking is that he still takes naps and even when he stops (that thought scares me!) we'll institute a quiet time each day so I can at least get a little rest.  And depending on what my schedule looks like I'll look into Mother's Day Out programs in the area.  But I will suck it up and make this work for our family so we can save a huge chunk of money each month.  Maybe even put that savings toward an embroidery machine by the end of the year!!  ;)  But we are really in need of a new car, I'm pretty sure this will be my little cars last year.  So this will really help us out and I just can't see spending that money for him to be in daycare all day when I'm at home.  Wish us luck, I'm so excited and know that this is going to be an amazing thing for our family!!!