Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Long Time

Well it's been far too long since I posted anything.  We are still chugging along.  We are still trying for baby number 2.   We were told we would need to go see a fertility specialist, but we have decided against this, we already have one amazing little boy who is the center of our world.  We thought that we would rather use the money that may of gone to a fertility specialist and spend it on little Hunter.

Hunter is now in Pre-K 4 at the elementary school five days a week!  He loves it and is learning so much.  I never realized just how much they are supposed to already know by the time they enter kindergarten!!!  Pre-K is for them what kindergarten was to us growing up.  I am so blessed that he was able to enter this program.  He got in on a need for speech therapy.  His MDO teacher last year noticed what we had already, that she couldn't really understand him and neither could his friends.  So we started the process late last year in getting him speech therapy through CCISD.  And let me tell you, it's a PROCESS!!!  We had to go and have him tested, and as I knew he qualified for the full evaluation, which was another two months down the road.  When we went for the full evaluation it was a FULL day of testing in all areas of development.  We were both exhausted afterward, he totally melted down and was done with the day, and I couldn't blame him at all.  After that it was more waiting and waiting for all the instructors to meet and 'grade' his tests.  We finally got the call and after filling out more paper work (so much paper work) he was officially accepted and got to start after spring break.  He was in Pre-K 3 the last nine weeks of the school year.  And he made great progress in that short period of time!  So much that he didn't have to do anything over the summer.  So now he's back in school and having so much fun with all of his friends.  He loves his teachers and as I heard after the parent-teacher conference last week I learned just how much they love him!

I am still working nights, which is so much easier now that Hunter is back in school.  Not much to report on that end, other than lots of new people.  And I'm making scrub hats for everyone!  Love making them and I'm making pretty decent money doing it!

Til next time, I promise it won't be so long!

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