Tuesday, May 15, 2012

And again it seems like ages since I've posted anything!  Well it has been!  And it's been ages since I've actually made time to get on my sewing machine.  But for Mother's Day I decided it was time to get back into it!  So Friday I got off work early and after doing some shopping for my little man, he needed a whole new summer wardrobe since he decided to grow!  I went to the local Joann's and got some fabric and new patterns.  One that was even for me!
Saturday afternoon was spent at my parents house cutting patterns and fabric.  They have an awesome oversized island that is perfect for cutting, and they're super nice enough to let me use it whenever I want.  So after cutting I went to work on creating a new shirt for myself.  One that is nice for summer and roomy enough in case I get pregnant in the near future.  I used Simplicity pattern 4127 and went with view E to start with.  I used very soft, thin and stretchy denim.  It went together very easily but I ran into some issues with the elastic because I didn't use the lining (wasn't really needed).  But I just created my own casing and slid the elastic in.  But I ended up having to cut out about 8 inches from what they said to keep the shirt up.  But I think that was because I could of gone 1-2 sizes down from what I cut.  I am going to try view C later this week/this weekend with a much lighter fabric and lining and we'll see how that works, I will go 1 size down.
I also got McCall's M4643 for my son, this was hubby's idea.  He claimed that he needed a terry cloth hooded robe to roll around naked after bath time.  So that'what I set out to create.  The fabric suggestions didn't include terry but I went ahead and tried anyway.  I decided on a yellow color because I also got some lightweight flannel fabric for jammies.  One with airplanes and one with helicopters since he's obsessed with both, and the yellow matches both as well as the other jammies I bought him at Carter's.  I started putting the robe together during nap time Sunday and was finished with it by the time he took his bath that night, I always have tons of interruptions while I sew unless I'm at home alone!  I was so excited with how it turned out, it was so easy to put together and fits him so well!  
I just finished up the shirt from the jammies last night and today I'll finish the pants.  I had to get his exact 

waist measurement for the pants or they would of been done already.  The shirt fits him very well but I think for the next one I am going to skip the Velcro and just make the neck hole a little bigger, not a huge fan of the Velcro placement.  He was already playing with it and he only had it on for about an hour.

I'm also super excited because Brother has come out with a very affordable Embroidery machine, $300!!!  It's smaller then some of the others and doesn't sew but that would be fine since I already have an awesome sewing machine and a serger!  I am going to start saving my pennies and hopefully I'll be able to own it before the end of the summer!

And another new thing, I am now an Advocare distributor!!!  I started in January by doing their 24 day challenge and I've never felt better!  I have so much energy and feel amazing!  Not to mention I've lost almost 30 pounds since I started :)  Now we're a total Advocare family, hubby is doing their system and even little man is taking product.  Little man takes his probiotics, vitamins, calcium (since he hates milk), meal replacement shakes in the morning (he's so picky about breakfast and would eat and eat and eat crap all morning long, but now he gets this and stays full on good protein and vitamins) and he does 1/2 ounce of the Sleep Works to help him wind down at night and stay asleep (he was a sleep walker!)  Don't worry, I consulted with a local pedi about everything and not only has she been giving this and more to her own family she also recommends it to her patient, but he's been doing so well with everything!!!
So if you are interested in anything feel free to visit my website:  Advocare Store
If you sign up to be a distributor you get 20% off everything and your discount can go up depending on how much you buy!

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