Thursday, March 24, 2011

I was super excited about my sewing class and after the class I have been really let down with the class and what we learned. I really want to learn how to read a pattern so I can start doing more with it at home. Well the 'pattern' was a typed up piece of paper and we were ripping our fabric...not what I had pictured at all! I felt so bad because my mom had paid for my sister and I to go take this class and learn something. We've had these sewing machines for almost a year now and haven't done anything with it! So I think I'm going to sign up for Joann's sewing 101 class on Wednesday. They will teach me how to read a pattern and how to really use my machine. And if that doesn't work then I know a lady who'll come to my house and give a 1 on 1 lesson. But Joann's offers 6 different classes, 3 on the 101 level and 3 on the 201 level. So hopefully over the rest of the year I can work on building up my sewing skills. Depending on how I like the classes taught there I may even really branch out and take a knitting and/or crocheting class! I'll keep you posted!

Well I still haven't picked up the cross stitch project, and I'm so disapointed in myself for that but its been so crazy. I am watching the 'musical event' on Grey's tonight and at first it was ok, even had me crying. But now its just too much singing (oh great another song) its getting to be like watching the cheesiest corniest musical. I hope they don't do this ever again!!!

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